We Provide Individual, Group and Agency Specific Training
To Federal Employees Helping Them To
Understand Their Retirement & Benefits.

Do you know the one thing other federal employees are doing before filing a retirement application that you’re not?

If you want to find out, make sure to attend one of our seminars. We hope to see you there!

This is where we come in.

The Federal Employees Retirement and Benefits Institute is a veteran-owned small business recognized as a registered vendor for the Federal Government.*

We provide educational training to assist Federal Agencies and Uniformed Services with the complexities of their FERS or CSRS benefits.

We work with each agency's Human Resources Director to provide a dynamic approach, and offer half-day and full-day sessions depending on an agency's needs. Seminars are provided to the participating agency or its employees. We welcome federal agencies’ oversight at seminars to ensure compliance.

Our group of educators are retired federal employees well-versed in the field of federal benefits and retirement plans. Additionally, our founder, Robert J. Carriles, is retired from the United States Department of Justice where he acted as HR Specialist with a mission to help federal employees plan the retirement they want and deserve.

Following each training session, attendees may request a consultation with an independent financial planner who specializes in assisting federal employees with their retirement options.

For further information, or if you have any questions, please call us at 334-477-6867.

Federal Employees Benefits
Approved as a registered vendor for the Federal Government (Please copy and paste "Federal Employees Retirement and Benefits Institute, L.L.C." in business name search to see our listing).

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